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Originally Posted by cmwr View Post
I have been beating myself up internally for days about what kind of drum to use. I finally decided I am just gonna make another one out of a standard drum and be done with all the mental state I am in...

I found a source of a bunch of drums that are rust free and clean as can be for $5 a drum!! But the lids have already been removed professionally by some sort of industrial drum opener and are gone. Will the lid from my open drum "franken" UDS fit these or is a closed drum and an open drum different sizes? I prefer a flat lid but don't know what to do for a lid.

Few other questions.

1: for dual racks, how do you guys remove the bottom rack without interference with the top rack supporting bolts?

2: This UDS is gonna have a heat diffuser. Is it better to support the heat diffuser a few inches above the basket with supports or can you just lay the diffuser right on top of your charcoal basket?

3: Does a diffuser need to be thin gauge steel with holes all over it (cookie sheet) or would it be better to use thicker steel like an old disc blade with no holes in it? (wouldn't the thicker steel absorb the heat and radiate it upwards?)

4: Where are you all getting those BBQ thermometers that are permanently mounted in the sides of your drums (The analog style with the different colors and the big dial)? I wanna go with a style like that that I don't have to remove and bring in everytime I am done like my current digital one that just hangs in the side of the drum.

5: last question...Where is everyone finding all the cool high temp paint in all these cool colors? All I can find around here is flat black BBQ paint.
1) I rarely use a second level but when i do i don't pull the grate I just pull the food.

2) Put the duffuser maybe 5-10" above the basket so you have the ability to over stack your basket when you need to for long cooks. Also it's nice having it above your basket if you need to put a drip pan on it for au's good to have some distance between the basket and pan so liquids don't fry quickly.

3) I like a simple pizza pan with some good holes drilled into it... maybe 1/2 to 3/4 just so it diffuses some direct heat (blended heat) but still let all the drippings go down to the coals.

4) Can't go wrong with River Country, they are accurate, fairly inexpensive and can easily calibrate them.

5) Auto parts stores...high heat engine paints
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