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I support local people as much as possible. But what you are suggesting is not feasible really. I cook pork butts. There are only 2 on a pig. I could use the ribs and some of the loins. What do you do with the rest of the pig. A farmer will want to sell the whole pig not just parts. If you were making sausage or had some use for the rest of the animal you could try it but you would have way more ground meat than anything else. I am helping just as many farmer by get meat for my distributor as I would one farmer. I think gett local ingredients or products made by someone local is a better way to go. I use a rub from my friends, I get dessert bars from a local cater, I have wine from a local winery and will be flavored preserve on wing from one of my employees that makes jellies. Also, this summer I hope to be selling her cheeses once she gets her dairy open.
I was not trying to imply this could be done on a day to day basis, just trying to keep the thought out there. Seems the local produced thing is catching on more as people realize how most big corporate operations work. We have a hobby farm and two Berkshire sows, hard to sell hogs sometimes. What would happen If you did Q up the hams, picnic, etc. like a butt? Thinking you could piece the rest out to chops or loin it, with a pork belly special, ground pork is hard to beat to... Trying to figure out how to maximize these hogs.
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