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Originally Posted by Big Ace View Post
Burrells is still open.

CRocke is still around, but I think its catering only, no store front.
Please don't get me started on Burrell's......


For the record, here are the known BBQ places within a 20 mile radius of my job:

Dickey's (the probe slid in to the thickest part of the flat)
Big B's
Famous Dave's
Smokey Fred's
Tulsa Rib Company
Tustin Roadhouse
Johnny Reb's (yeah, yeah I know, but they claim they smoke their food)
Wood Ranch (same thing)

I have not, as yet, visited Tulsa Rib or Smoqued.

I did sample Rancho to go's pulled pork one time. Mrs SJ never lets anyone eat in her car, but an exception was made for the pulled pork.
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