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That actually looks like a newer cooker....hard to tell but I would say it is one of the newer powder coated smokers. Just look filthy to me. If it was made from January 1, 2013 forward, it has a textured black powder coat that is not near as 'glossy' as the ones that were manufactured before Jan 1, 2013 and painted with a high gloss black paint. The perception that because they are not as glossy has a lot of folks concerned with the 'quality' of the paint....not really the case...the powder coat is textured and does not shine much. As long as it is not damaged you're good...look in the corners of the fire box and make sure he didn't leave ash built up and rust....look under the seams of the skins and check for rust...and look in the pit into the exhaust damper holes and check and make sure no rust build up there. What you are basically looking for is to make sure he didn't leave it unprotected in the rain and weather. I would say he didn't season it right...if you look closely there is a little surface rust on the sliders and on the rear pit wall. Not really a big deal. If you pull the trigger, just make sure to reseason it correctly. That is a pretty good price if it checks out. That being said.....I'll call b/s on 6 cooks!!!!
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