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Originally Posted by bbq1980 View Post
Practice and patience. Originally, I ordered the 1.5" x 1/2" size as I had seen this used as well but I got a little too eager and didn't factor in that my drum has a rather substantial lip and that might potentially be a pain to deal with when inserting the screws so that 1/2" of the aluminum rose above the drum. It was at that point that I realized that the extra 1/2" was crucial and and I moved on to the 2" size and took my time. Lesson learned. I even drilled the holes in the aluminum first, so I have a guide for the drum.

I deliberately made it a tad too big to start, then shaved it down slowly; first by taking roughly 1/8" off of each end with the jigsaw, then switching to a file for fine tuning. Now it looks nice...with just the slightly loose lid.

I could probably hold off, bolt it down, then seal it with Permatex and see how it holds up when I go to season it but I was curious if anyone has tried something other than fiberglass, as that stuff is a pain to work with and I'd rather not have the safety risk.
DO you have any pictures of this? I'd be interested in seeing them. My weber lid doesn't fit perfectly. It works, but I can easily slide it around on top of the drum.
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