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Default Gasket options

Originally Posted by knitmar View Post
I am nearly at the same stage of progress as you are, so I can't contribute an answer to your question. But I'd like to pose a question to you - how did you determine/measure the correct length to cut the 2 x 1/8 aluminum. I keep coming up with lengths varying up to a half inch. It loks as if you hit it on the button. Nice job, hope you get quick answer to your gasket question.
Practice and patience. Originally, I ordered the 1.5" x 1/2" size as I had seen this used as well but I got a little too eager and didn't factor in that my drum has a rather substantial lip and that might potentially be a pain to deal with when inserting the screws so that 1/2" of the aluminum rose above the drum. It was at that point that I realized that the extra 1/2" was crucial and and I moved on to the 2" size and took my time. Lesson learned. I even drilled the holes in the aluminum first, so I have a guide for the drum.

I deliberately made it a tad too big to start, then shaved it down slowly; first by taking roughly 1/8" off of each end with the jigsaw, then switching to a file for fine tuning. Now it looks nice...with just the slightly loose lid.

I could probably hold off, bolt it down, then seal it with Permatex and see how it holds up when I go to season it but I was curious if anyone has tried something other than fiberglass, as that stuff is a pain to work with and I'd rather not have the safety risk.
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