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What gaskets, besides fiberglass, have people used on their drums for a better seal? I'm considering either Nomex or the high temp silica or ceramic rope from McMaster Carr.

I'm assembling my UDS prior to getting it sandblasted and as I've got a 2.5" Weber lid and I'm not a welder, I've taken the advice of others and fitted a 2" wide x 1/8" thick aluminum bar around the top of the lid, leaving 1/2" above the lip of the drum for the lid to rest on. Just sizing things up and getting the fitting down before I drilled more holes in the drum. Also, I'll eventually seal the perimeter with black Permatex.

But when I went to go fit the lid, the fit wasn't as tight as what I wanted, even though others claim that a loose lid is relatively minor, given how air tight the unit is in general. Still, the lid could move around easily enough that I'd like to make the seal tighter and was weighing either the 1/2" x 1/8" thick Nomex or perhaps the 3/8" rope to attach to the aluminum.

I also saw the UDS gasket sold by If you've perfected the fit with the UDS lid, which gasket have you used? Thanks in advance.

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