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Question Finishing large number of briskets in the oven

I'm no stranger to smoking brisket, but this it the first time I've done it in this quantity and I've always finished them in the smoker, so even considering the oven to finish them is new to me.

I will need 8 packers and a pair of pork shoulders to feed this group.
I have two WSMs and an offset sitting outside ready to fire up.
I have enough grill space for it all. None of this bothers me.

If I smoke them all for 6 hours, then move them to foil, can I stack them in an oven or do I need multiple ovens with space around each foil for heat to circulate? The location where we will be serving has two ovens if I need them,
I'd just really rather get some sleep at home since I have to MC the event the next day and run a camp out that night.

Or, should I just smoke them all to completion in the smokers and lean on caffeine to get me through the day?
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