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Just got done seasoning my uds i built after 6months of trying to figure out how i wanted to build it, started with about 7or8lbs of charcoal,6 peices of hickory and couple fattys which took me forever to figure out what the heck you guys was talkin about, i had know idea what a fatty was, it is 30 degrees here so i was curious how it would do at low temps, after a couple hours watching it just sit at 225 i added more charcoal and opened more vents up top and she hit 300 which was what i was wanting to season her good, wiped the inside with veg oil before the burn. I took the fattys off at about 3 hrs and internal temp was 168, dogs loved them i didnt trust the 1st burn enough to eat it anyway,now that i got her nice and black inside i cant wait till next weekend, shes still out there burning at 300, been 6hrs now and all i can say is wow these things are very easy to smoke in, i figured it would be a booger to keep temp where i wanted but not at all and in 30 degree weather. U guys gave me lots of pointers on stuff before i even started building it, so thanks. will post pics soon.
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