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Default Today I Learned.....

What pig honey looks like.
What the weeping ribs look like.
What the probe test does.
What great ribs really taste and feel like.

Thanks to some contributions on this forum, I smoked the best ribs I've ever done. I have failed many times to the point that I shy away from ribs. From undercooked to terrible tasting. I decided after some reading that the BGE deserved a shot at the ribs.

Settled it at 300 degrees and with indirect heat added the dry rubbed baby backs. Did not remove the sinew. After a couple of hours the color was a beautiful golden red and the surface was dry. After another hour I saw some of that famous pig honey weeping in small patches. Within another 20 minutes, they were oozing so I began to probe every 20 minutes. At around the third time probing with a toothpick--well, like a knife through butter. I closed all the vents and let them rest during 30 minutes of cool down. Jerked them out of the BGE and the rest is history. Can't wait to try it again.
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