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Default Char-Griller BBQ

Hey All,

I just bought a Char-Griller BBQ in New Zealand (where I live) and have discovered a whole new way of BBQing. I have been a long time watcher of these forums picking up tips for my propane smoker and my Bradley Smoker but have only recently (idiot, should have done this sooner) discovered the wonders of charcoal grilling.

The Char-griller is the only type of Texas style BBQ we can get in NZ and it is only recently available. Everybody here cooks with propane and ruins their meats (which is what got me into smokers as I HATE propane BBQ).

I assembled this bbq and I now have a new love. I fear I am BBQing far too often now and in the last 2 months I have averaged about 4 BBQ's per week for dinner. I am addicted. Spit roast works excellent on this too as you can raise or lower the coals to adjust the direct heat.

So now I am pretty happy that I will be able to , finally, try out a huge chunk of stuff from this site.

Has anyone got one of these and had any tips? I have already removed the warming rack as it took up too much room and have changed the wheel on it as they were pretty flimsy.

Very excited. Here is a photo of some New Zealand Lamb Leg Ends with my own rub.

♫♫ Char-Grilling across the universe ♫♫

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