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Default Farm 2 Fork- Homegrown pork BBQ

Hello All,
Here is my dilemma/Plan, we raise purebred Berkshire hogs, I want to buy a big smoker and get this product into the general public and make some money off it. I have been practicing BBQ for years and feel I have a pretty good handle on Butts, etc. I notice from looking around that there are so many kinds of smokers offset, rotisserie, electric, insulated... I am looking at a few units that are trailer bbq unit in the 5k to 7k range. I am a contractor and am no stranger to regulations, licensing, insurance etc. and have looked and checked with health dept. about logistics. (still scary) Thinking of starting with temporary status at a few local events, or fundraisers.

?'s and advice wanted
Should I cook whole hog or just the front and hind quarters and sell the bacon, and chops separate?

BBQ/smoker- unit I am looking at has wood fired rotisserie with warming units and a direct wood fired grill with a warmer attached. Not sure how I'd do a full size whole hog with racks in the way and getting a hog scalded and scraped around here is out for usda style anyway.
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