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LINK:If light ON, WIFI is normal
ALARM:High/Low temperature alarm
IN1:Probe #1,
IN2:Probe #2
POWER:Power on/off
SET:Function #1, program alarm,
Function #2, set WIFI Setup
↑ Function #1: set data
Function #2: showing in C/F option
↓Function #1, program alarm,
Function #2, option of probe #1, or #2
OK:Function #1: confirm,
Function #2, Alarm sound Off

Alarm Set:
Press "IN" to let "IN1" on set Probe #1
Press "SET"
use buttons of "↑" and "↓" to change data of digital #3,
press "OK" to save digital #3
use buttons of "↑" and "↓" to change data of digital #2
press "OK" again to set digital #2
press "OK" third time to set digital #1.
Low temp. alarm is done
press "OK" 4th time to set digital #3
press "OK" 5th time to set digital #2
Press "OK" 6th time to set digital #1
High temp. alarm is done

Press "IN" to let "IN2" on.
repeat above steps to set probe #2

Search WIFI signal of hl-link in your computer and smart phone and connect it,
visit http://192.168.01 to find following temp.-time curve

You can select showin of present temp.-time curve,the real, or
the past temp.-time curve, the history
Also you can select showing in F or C

Press "POWER" to turn off
Press "SET" and hold till appearing "----"
Search WIFI signal of "hl-link" by computer, and conenct it
from browser to visit
to press "Resum" to enter setup page

Setup of direct visit from computer or smart phone
WPA2/AES SecuKey needs at least 8 digitals
press "SAVE", LINK light will off, and the on again
Search WIFI signal of "hl-link" from computer and connect it
in brower, visit

Setup of accessing Router
About IP address:
address of TP-LINK Router usually is,
first 3 data of wGrill IP address must be same as Router.
address of D_LINK Router usually is,
then you need to set wGrill IP address as
Netmask usually is
press "SAVE", "LINK" light will be off and then on later.
enter Router and you can visit   

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