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I have built two new UDS's for this year’s competition season. I have looked for a supply of domed lids that will fit a 55 gallon drum. To date have been stymied thus far. I know that one can purchase used 22 ˝ inch smoker or grill and modify the lid to fit. In my search I found a great company "Toledo Metal Spinning" that could make them. They are wondering if there is an interest in the BBQ community to make these and have them as a standard item. These would fit a standard 55 gallon drum with no additional modifications. If you are interested in them doing this PLEASE email Jeff Earley at He is going to keep track of how much interest there is. This would give the BBQ community a source for UDS lids. Please spread the word on other BBQ Forums. Thank you for your help.

This sounds interesting. How would the lids look like? Are they gonna look similar to the Weber lid?
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