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Default Pop up restaurant

I have recently moved into a new commissary kitchen and they have the option of doing a "pop up restaurant". What this means is that 1 or 2 days a week (they have selected Tuesday evenings and all day Saturdays) I am able to sell bbq meats, sides, sauce and rubs.

The problem I am having is planning out how much to cook... I obviously dont want to make 15 racks of ribs and only sell 5 or smoke 30lbs of pork and sell 10 etc.

Has anyone else had something like this come up? I am thinking of doing something like a call ahead ordering where people place orders 2 days in advance but yet still make a little extra for the people that stroll in.

They also have a deli case where I plan to sell potato salad, cold beans, and slaw. This is another option that I have to do "heat and eat" meats. Again, not sure how much to plan for.
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