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Found some matches.
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Default First try at charcoal grilling

Been using propane for about 4 years, never used charcoal. Moved out of state a few years ago and had to surrender my dads old propane grill back to him. Got myself a Smokey Joe Silver. Here are some of my first attempts at grilling with charcoal and on such a small grill. Please feel free to correct anything i am doing wrong and offer any tips your willing to share to help make me a better griller for my wife.

First up - boneless pork chops. Marinaded in a bag for a few hours

You'll notice I went out and bought a cheap little oven thermometer hoping to use it to track the heat in that little kettle

They're all done in this picture. Wife had to snack on the one while she was finishing up some side dishes.

I'm about to post some steaks and chicken breast too. Let me know if y'all notice anything I'm doing wrong
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