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What can I do to get my temperatures up?

What was the outside temperatures when you were cooking at 225+? Colder outside temps wreak havoc on smokers.

Was it the briquettes that gave the meat a bitter flavor?

Depends on who made them. Were they Kingsford? Gas Station brand? Were they...gasp...matchlights? Did you wait 30-60 minutes for the temperature to stabilize before putting the meat on?

That leftover piece of wood might have been the culprit. I normally take my leftover wood chunks and use them for the fireplace.

Do briquettes burn hotter than lump charcoal?

In most cases, no. It's the other way around.

What do you recommend for fuel wood?

Unless you have a stick burner (or a fat wallet), the wood is for flavoring/smoke. Stay away from pine, cedar, and other conifer woods. Other than that, experiment.
Temp when it worked at 225 was quite a bit warmer - end of summer - 80s - 90s

The briquettes I used were Kingsford - I did not wait 30 - 60 minutes before putting the meat on. More like 15 - 20. And the rack was packed with chicken drumsticks and thighs.

If you only use the wood for flavor, what do you use for heat?
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