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Originally Posted by sliding_billy View Post
fnbish - Agreed that bold is a better word than sweet, but it still holds more to the one bite satisfaction factor than a more balanced approach.

Hawg Father of Seoul - You know I don't claim to be an expert on comp cooking. I was simply referencing some of the comments made earlier to "get over it and cook whet they want."

Rusty Kettle - Totally agree. That was exactly my point. Until more people are willing to go against the grain, comp cooking simply becomes a technical competition and not about the food.
Yeah there was an article in the Bull Sheet a few months back with a similar tone. I get what you mean. My only point in my first post was to each their own and second post was if it bothers you do something about it and compete. This is the second brethren brawl I have walked into recently. First was about my interest in a pit barrel cooker and this one but this one felt like it was turning nasty. Now everyone step back and make peace we are brothers in smoke after all no need for a brawl. We need to stop brawling over little details if you want to make candy meat go ahead you don't then don't. This is the type of argument that ruins the fun in all hobby related message boards. I have dropped hobbies altogether because of petty bull on message boards as it gets old. Now drop it because it's a personal preference in how you want to cook. I like bbq to much to just drop it. Shake hands now. Besides we should really be fighting vegetarians now that's wrong.
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