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I was watching the travel channel this weekend and they had a tour of some bbq regions by state and one was Tennessee and the Memphis in May BBQ event. Almost every shot shown of teams preparing ribs absolutely caked on brown sugar, honey, butter or all of the above.

I looked at that and knew without having to taste it. There's NO WAY I could eat those ribs. I understand the "judges only getting one bite" thought process and I agree. But as a general spectator there's no way someone could actually taste much of the meat on many of the ribs I saw. I guess that is the difference in competition ribs and backyard ribs.
I will speak to Memphis in May as we have been cooking it for a very long time. You have 2 different judgings. Blind and onsite. You need beaucoup flavor and perfection in the blind ribs as those go up against each other on the blind table. Unlike KCBS, MIM entries are judged against one another instead of on their own merit.. There is only 1 best rib on the table. These judges also only get a rib or two apiece.

Onsite judges (3 of them) come in 20 min increments. You have 10-15 minutes to present them a picture of your entire process. You present these judges an entire rack of ribs. Many eat the whole dang thing. Many teams will kick up the flavor on the blinds and then cook their "normal" ribs for onsite.
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