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Originally Posted by fnbish View Post
Hey you started a thread where you said a cooking style leads to meat where you can't taste much of the meat because of all the sweet. Then people said it is possible to balance it out and the end product actually doesn't have to be sweet, but it just adds a layer of flavor. You weren't having any of it or open to those ideas at all. From visually seeing you said you made your final decision without tasting. So you are judging by the initial knee jerk reaction of what you saw on tv. Not the best way to go about things.

So my only guess for starting the thread was to start an argument for your entertainment vs having an open mind to the other posters. Your mind was made up the second the thread was posted. Not sure where else you wanted this to go other than where it is right now. Glad you are still taking the "perceived" high road here. Keep that mind open .
I'm finished arguing over jerking knees, scot being free and walking on a high road. The most important thing is there's no need to make enemies or be jackarses on a board that's intended to be a community of brethren and fun. If I came across the wrong way I apologize and ask your forgiveness. I seriously didn't intend to. Nor was my post intended to be an argument or to cast a negative light on one method compared to another. I stand by my original opinion on what I saw but it's not that big of a deal. The first time my opinion counts regarding bbq will be the first.
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