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Originally Posted by fnbish View Post
I think trends are changing. I can't speak for everywhere in the country, but I would not classify our food as sweet. If anything I like more bold flavors in our food and it has been working and judges seem to want something different. Granted this is more of a topic for the comp sections, but I think the stereotype is overly perpetuated from what folks see on tv and hear through discussions such as this one.

The words of "candy BBQ" simply get repeated by those outside of the competition world because of what they see on pitmasters so the steroetype stays true when is might not actually be that way. And I don't mean that some cliche wannabe, sitting behind my computer chest beating "you don't know comps if you don't cook in them" kind of way. I genuinely dislike the backyard vs comp mentality because it is isn't good for furthering the bbq community. I also dislike the stereotype of the backyard guy who is "too cool for school" and would never cook a comp. I don't think lassoing people into that description is good either.

But really that is a discussion for another thread.
Originally Posted by Hawg Father of Seoul View Post

It really is not that way. Glad at least one person has an open mind. The problem is when someone knows nothing about a subject, then is told one person is an expert they will hold on to anything that person says with extreme prejudice.
Originally Posted by Rusty Kettle View Post
Ok then compete and make changes there is nothing wrong with going against the grain. I know most people use thighs for chicken in comps I plan to use the legs even though symmetrically it's not appealing I think taste wise the leg is the best part of the chicken. This may cost points but it may not. It is a risk but so is every choice we make in everything we do.
fnbish - Agreed that bold is a better word than sweet, but it still holds more to the one bite satisfaction factor than a more balanced approach.

Hawg Father of Seoul - You know I don't claim to be an expert on comp cooking. I was simply referencing some of the comments made earlier to "get over it and cook whet they want."

Rusty Kettle - Totally agree. That was exactly my point. Until more people are willing to go against the grain, comp cooking simply becomes a technical competition and not about the food.
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