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Originally Posted by sliding_billy View Post
I simply cannot accept the "that's how it is in KCBS" argument. While there are certainly hard and fast criteria, I'm pretty sure I have never read where everything needs to be extremely sweet and only satisfying for a single taste. If I want that, I can go to the store and buy a chocolate bar. For change to happen, folks (judges and cooks) need to speak up and force change (or move to other organizations). Maybe the current flavor profile is really the preference and nothing will change, but just continuing the status quo makes no sense to me.
Ok then compete and make changes there is nothing wrong with going against the grain. I know most people use thighs for chicken in comps I plan to use the legs even though symmetrically it's not appealing I think taste wise the leg is the best part of the chicken. This may cost points but it may not. It is a risk but so is every choice we make in everything we do.
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