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Lol got to say this is entertaining watching the mud slinging. I have one thing to say and it is to each their own. The backyard is one way and the comps are another it really is a matter of preference really to what you do in the backyard and competition circuit. I plan to compete this year and I am for bringing my flavor profile I developed at home. I may win and I may not but one things for sure I would never serve my chicken the way I like it personally as it is extremely hot and my dry rub recipe is put on like shake n bake it holds the moisture in and I love rubbery skin even though the preference for most people even in the backyard is crisp skin. I made my family tear up with all that heat. My bbq sauce if people saw me make it they would be shocked at how much Tabasco sauce I pour into the pot I probably will use about 1/4 of the bottle and it is actually a very subtle heat and even my mom who hates spicy hot food loves my sauce so while it looks insane and drastic it is far from. It really a matter of building a solid flavor profile to compliment the meat. Good example I had my brother try my sauce just a spoon of sauce he totally cringed and you could tell he thought it was gross on its own and then I gave him pulled pork with it sauced and he ate loads of it. My point is it is all about building a flavor profile and getting the just right flavor combination to really wow people. Some people love their comp food and some would never serve it to their family and friends. Good example too I wanted to smoke a turkey for thanksgiving and baste it in bbq sauce and I did not because it was really drastic in my neck of the woods and instead seasoned it with webers kickin chicken and basted in olive oil to brown the skin. I still say it would be good if they gave it a chance but my first year doing a turkey I was lucky they tried it being smoked I was told by every single person they thought smoked turkey would taste bad and not work. It is not common in PA. My dad told me later he never thought it would work. He said he never heard of smoking a turkey. After my really long rant the point is to each their own don't knock it unless you try it and remember just because it is not for you doesn't mean someone else doesn't like it. Remember we all have the same main goal make great bbq. That and to get as fat as possible from over eating bbq lol.
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