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Originally Posted by fnbish View Post
But again there are other steps that balance it out for a lot of people that do it that way. Clearly I'm not going to change your mind, but if you haven't tried a method you can't form a valid opinion. Even if you have "been around the block".

I think you missed the point I was making as well. Was it too subtle?
I think you're making a bigger deal out of this than was intended. I also think you're assuming I haven't tried these methods and have no idea what taste will result in these methods.

I've added butter, honey and/or brown sugar just like I watched on the travel channel. The ribs turned out too sweet. My taste buds and preference for BBQ aren't on the sweet side. So when I watch someone basically do the same things that I have tried I'm pretty confident I can guess whether it is going to have too much sweetness FOR ME or not. So again, I'm not making some blind, uninformed, uneducated statement when I posted what I posted. I don't think I'm the one missing the point.
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