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Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
I've cooked enough ribs and messed with enough rubs and sauces that I can get a pretty good indication how sweet something will be by seeing the amount of sugar and or butter is put on a slab of ribs. I've done it myself and know what the tasted up as.

I may not know the exact taste but I bet I can get a good idea as to where the taste will fall on the taste profile.
Gotcha. So then would it be safe to assume that if I had tasted a lot of bbq sauces in my day and know I don't like overly sweet ones that I could steer clear of a sauce that has dark brown sugar, molasses, high fructose cornsyrup and corn syrup because I make the assumption that is has to be over the top sweet with those 4 sugary ingredients without actually trying it??

Or maybe I would try it because even though I see what is going into it someone said it has a nice combination of sweet, spicy and tangy flavor. So the dark brown sugar, molasses, highfructose cornsyrup and corn syrup were only one level to the sauce as there were other ingredients that went into making the end product well rounded and balanced. But sometimes folks only see the shock value step that is highlighted without seeing the others steps/ingredients involved to make an excellent end product.........
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