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Originally Posted by fnbish View Post
You can't knock it until you tried it and try it without any preconceived notions which at this point is probably impossible. Certainly those extra ingredients do add sweetness, but it isn't like every ounce of brown sugar and butter ends up in the ribs or sitting on top of it when you take a bite. It all becomes a liquid that adds an additional layer of flavor to the ribs that is then drained off before finishing. I have added those things and in some variation still do and do not think my ribs are candy or overly sweet at all.

Not all that different than slapping a sugary (honey, brown sugar, molasses, etc) sauce on there. And yes some folks don't like those sauces either I know. But sugary sauces seems completely acceptable vs the butter/brown sugar step which is not.
I've cooked enough ribs and messed with enough rubs and sauces that I can get a pretty good indication how sweet something will be by seeing the amount of sugar and or butter is put on a slab of ribs. I've done it myself and know what the tasted ended up as.

I may not know the exact taste but I bet I can get a good idea as to where the taste will fall on the taste profile.
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