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Default Brisket time

After finishing my best brisket to date yesterday in 10 hours, I'm wondering how many people really see their cooks go to 1.5 hours per pound which is usually the time I afford myself when timing out dinner. I've never had a flat or packer take more than an hour per pound but I used to always foil. My cook from yesterday on my lang: whole packer 16.5 lbs pretrimmed, injected with butchers, wrapped in butcher paper after five hours. Cooked between 220 and 235 the whole time. Water pan in the pit (Had one spike to 255 about 8 hours in for 20 mins.). Pulled based on probe test at 194.

(I'll preemptively say that the temp at the grate is accurate...three thermometers in the pit)

Food is coming out good... Just working on timing.
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