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somebody shut me the fark up.
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A 2 grate UDS can handle 8 Whole Chickens, or 8 Butts or 4 Briskets or 6 Plates of Short Ribs or 40 Chicken Drumsticks or 20 Chicken Breast or 4 Whole Turkey or 10 Racks of Trimmed Spare Ribs or 8-12 Pork Loins or 10 Chuck Roasts or....................

So get to building a 2 Grate UDS and Run a Difusser plate about 4-6" above Charcoal Basket - Do Not Use any Galvanized Parts or Hardware - Zinc is probally OK but Stainless is Safest. If you can get a Weber Kettle Lid you have even more room.

Texas Mega Farking Bash - Lake Belton Oct 17th - Be There.........
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