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Originally Posted by pixcolor View Post
So, when the meat reaches your target, say 190, the controller will bring the pit temperature down to 190 also. Do you then re-set the controller to 140, to keep it there for another 6 hours?

So, when the meat reaches your target P1, say 190, the controller will "KEEP THE MEAT AT 190F" for period of T1 minutes. During meantime pit temperature shall be a little higher than 190F. But real pit temperature is not defined. During this period MAXIMUM pit temperature is limited under P5.
You do not need to do any reset or re-program.
The Senior will do the job by itsself.

In my case, I set pit @ 225 F for 9999 minutes( I use one temp. stage only, SC1=225, and SC2=0)
meat @120F (P1) for 1 hours(T1=60 minutes)
then meat @130(P2) for 2 hours(T2=120 minutes)
then meat @140 (P3) for 4 hours(T3=240 minutes)
last meat @120F (P4) for 20 hours(T4), this is indeed a keeping temp. before serve
P5=225F, P5 is MAXIMUM temp. of pit during meat probe controls the fan
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