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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
You can set Pit temp. at 225F, and meat at 180F.

First the fan is controlled by pit probe to keep the pit at 225F.
During mean time, the meat will increase its internal temp.
When the meat I.T. reaches to 180F, the fan is controlled by meat probe.
It will keep meat at 180F for long hours.

Usually I will keep Brisket Internal Temp. at 140F for 6 hours.

In sous Vide, you can "boil" beef at 140F for as long as 72 hours.
I just adopt Sous Vide theory to Low&Slow smoking.
Usually 130F shall be medium, and 140F as medium well done and never over 150F.

Just have a try, you may find a new way to smoking
So, when the meat reaches your target, say 190, the controller will bring the pit temperature down to 190 also. Do you then re-set the controller to 140, to keep it there for another 6 hours?
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