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Default /*/*/*/ North Texas Brethren Spring Bash - April 12th, 2014 \*\*\*\

The North Texas Bash had low attendance but we still had a blast, so we figured we needed to make it happen again. Let's show all these folks that Texas folk can do Brethren Bashes up right on a consistent basis!

Date is set for April 12th, 2014. Gates are open from 8am to 10pm. Feel free to come out for just a bit or hang out all day long.

Location is Isle du Bois State Park at Lake Ray Roberts, Pavilion #1. Park entrance fees are $7 for each person over 12 years.

Camping is available to for who might want to make a night or 2 of it for $25/night (drive-up sites with water/electric).

Park info is available here for the Isle du Bois Branch on Lake Ray Roberts:
General Info:
Facility Map:

I am asking that all Brethren attending, provide $5 to cover the pavilion reservation. Anything over my cost ($75 reservation - my $5 = $70 my cost) will be given away as part of the door prize drawing.

Sign up if you plan on attending:

1. peeps, mrs peeps, and lil' peeps.
2. Chris (AKA sliding_billy), and maybe the boys (Adrian and Calvin). - Plates, cups, plasticware, napkins
3. frognot (and maybe Mrs. Frognot) - bringing the Cabo
4. LEGENDS BBQ, Mrs. Legend, Legend Jr., The Princess, and Ms. Hell on Wheels
5. SmittyJonz - EPIC Fatty
6. Totally Basted
7. dwfisk & Mac
8. DaveAlvarado
9. Whistler & Mrs. Whistler (and maybe BBQ buddy)
10. GrillsGoneWild + wife and 3 kiddos
11. SpicemanJames
12. erbeman + 1-2 kiddos
13. Coach Jones

1. Hawg Father of Soul
2. bvbull200
3. Mrtodd777
4. Bob O Q Shawtee
5. QorDie
6. Caseydog

Door prizes are to be provided from:

- Oakridge BBQ
- Ted & Barney
- All Things BBQ
- Stark Boards
- Spicewine
- Hutchins BBQ in McKinney
- SpicemanJames
- big brother smoke (Simply Marvelous)
- Still working on more!

So here is what I am thinking on the door prizes for now...
  • Depending on all the door prize donations, I will gather up 1 item from every donor to put in a super-duper BBQ mega pack as a grand prize for one lucky Brethren.
  • The rest will be bundled in smaller packs or individually depending on total donations and attendance.
  • Only registered Brethren are eligible...guests, family members, etc will not be eligible unless they are also an active member. That doesn't mean have your whole family sign up as members here to increase your chances, either
  • Upon arrival, each Brethren's name will be put into the pot. I will likely pre-print these from the sign-up list. Must be present to win...though if you come and have to leave early, there will be an exception and I will figure out a way to get you your prize. No shows will miss out.

Please go to the spreadsheet linked here and fill in what you are planning on bringing so we can coordinate enough food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here is a link to the Fall Bash for those to see what this is all about.

Public display and consumption of alcohol is against the law in Texas State parks, but Isle du Bois Branch rangers are not going to mess with you, as long as you don't make them. Put your beers in koozies, your cocktails in non-descript cups, and pass the Cabo bottle when they are not around -- and don't be an arsehole -- and the rangers at Isle du Bois will look the other way.
***** North Texas Brethren Bash - Spring 2015 - In Planning Now ***** (link)

- Earl - My Custom Vertical Offset Smoker by AJ's Custom Cookers (build link)
- Colt - Superior SS-2 w/ DigiQ DXII- Courtesy of Gainesville Jaycees and Superior Smokers
- Weber Kettle 22.5 OTG w/ Craycort Cast Iron Grates
- Major - Mini WSM (from SJS)

Certified IMBAS MOINK Baller! (Certificate of Authenticity) / Join the fun in the Throwdowns!

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