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Originally Posted by BigBellyBBQ View Post
one thing to remember is temp of meat when you start, as it really sucks up the heat to get going. So get out of the fridge a couple hours before the cooker. Also temp probe at the meat level? Look close at your different racks and what the temp is at each rack next to the time adjust your preheat temp, this will help compensate for the heat that all th emeat soaks up
The lack of smoke flavor is the number one complaint of many FEC owners, and taking it out of the fridge for two hours before cooking it is going to compound that "problem." I've cooked exactly 100 pounds of pork in my FEC and never had anything cook that slowly. Do you have an elbow on your exhaust so that the wind can't blow directly into it? Was this particular piece of meat on the shelf near the exhaust? If the FEC was at that temperature (225) and the meat was nowhere near done after 12 hours - and none of the previous questions were answered "yes" - I would have to believe there's an incorrect thermometer or two to blame.
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