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Originally Posted by acbaldwi View Post
Thanks everyone,

think ill try smittys recipe and try not to peek at it while it goes :)

should i turn it at any point in the cook?

mop it?

Ill spray it with Apple Juice / Apple cider Vinegar mix if it starts looking dry about half way thru cook. I put fat side down towards heat and I remove skin before putting on rub. I'll peek at it at 5-6 hr mark, may spritz then look at 8 hr mark and start check if bone wiggles/ probe tender then every 45 minutes or so. If if looks to be getting charred or too dark at any time you can wrap it in butchers or parchment paper. Bone should wiggle like a loose tooth and pop out if you apply much pressure then let it sit for 1 hr on
Plate or tray on counter before pulling/ shredding.

I like BBQ sauce on the thin side - you can laddel it- so ill thin Sweet Baby Rays just a hair with water or Apple Juice but you may prefer it as is out of the bottle.
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