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The best suggestion as far as how to purchase or where is: dont buy on-line unless the price is better and you've held the knife in your hand already. You dont want to spend money on a knife then when you get it, if feels awkward to you. All handles feel different, the weights all feel different, combine the two and each knife really has its own feel in your hand. Many kitchen stores will also allow you to use the knife and chop a few vegetables before you buy. Not all Wusthofs feel the same in the hand.
And everyone has their own preference on the shape of the handles. The block squared edge handles look nice, but do you like that or a rounded handle. I dont like the size of the fibrox handles, but I like it works fine for my boning knife. I cut over 100lbs of product aday at work, I will not buy a squared handle, I dont need any more callouses. If you find a knife that fits you, then look on-line for a better price
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