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Default Brick Pit Temperature Controller

So I build a brick. The thread for it is on here somewhere. The fire/cooking chamber in about 89 gallons. I love it. Huge thermal mass so when is gets to temp it stays pretty well. I want to add an auto temp control device to it. My buddy has a UDS that he has an IQ110 on and he likes it.

My questions are is this powerful enough to run something that is 60% bigger?

Will these/any temp controller work when burning wood or do I need to go to charcoal when using these?

If not a IQ110 what would you recommend for a temp controller?

I know the IQ's only read pit temp. Right now I have a couple of Mavericks for pit & food temp. I've read that most people really like the IQ's for best bang for the buck. I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest option but also don't need all the bells & Whistles.
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