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Originally Posted by landarc View Post

This is the same model, except I use a 10", in my kitchen. It is a great workhorse knife. The one you linked to, in theory, has a superior blade and the comfort handle. I didn't like the handle so never gave it a second look. This is not my go to knife, I have a whole slew, literally, almost three knife blocks worth of knives to use, that are far better than the Dexter Russel, but, not reasonably useful. The D-R is just a great, cheap knife.

A note about forged, versus stamped. For almost all knives that are under $100 each, the blades are never hit with a hammer. Most forged knives are stamped, then the blank is machine forged two more times, using pressure, not heat. They are only marginally better than a quality stamped knife. This is why even Henckels and Wusthof have forged knives that are entry level priced.
I looked all over Amazon for those and din't see them. Wish I would have because that's a good price!

Originally Posted by Whitewookie View Post
I have a 6 pc. set of Henckels 4 star that were given to me by a friend when I retired from the Air Force in 2002 as a retirement gift. They hold an edge well as long as I use the steel before each use.

I generally sharpen them about twice a year the old fashioned way, on a tri hone. Usually just need the medium and fine stones.

I agree with the ones who say the 8" chef's knife is the most used of the six. The little paring knife is probably the second most used.

I also have a cheap Faberware santoku from Wally World that I mainly bought to see if I want a good one... Probably not, I mainly just use it for veggies and I can do that with the chefs knife also.

My steak knives are Wustof because I found a set on sale online. They are OK but I like the Henckels better.

Buy the best you can afford and don't look back... Also, after you buy, quit shopping because you will find the same knives cheaper and just get pissed...

I'm still pulling Reserve duty at Moody (2W0X1). Thank you for your service! I really liked the Henckels I had my hands on. That will probably be what I ultimately end up with.

Originally Posted by bbqgeekess View Post
Yeah, that made a big impact on me while looking.

Okay, so I've ordered the 10" Chef's knife (47521) and some pairing knives. I can still get the 8" Chef's knife (47520) for $26 shipped. Since I've already ordered something today and paid for shipping, anything else I order the rest of the day ships free. I'm also considering the 6" Semi-Stiff Boning knife (47515) for $14.75.

Thoughts on those two?
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