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This is the same model, except I use a 10", in my kitchen. It is a great workhorse knife. The one you linked to, in theory, has a superior blade and the comfort handle. I didn't like the handle so never gave it a second look. This is not my go to knife, I have a whole slew, literally, almost three knife blocks worth of knives to use, that are far better than the Dexter Russel, but, not reasonably useful. The D-R is just a great, cheap knife.

A note about forged, versus stamped. For almost all knives that are under $100 each, the blades are never hit with a hammer. Most forged knives are stamped, then the blank is machine forged two more times, using pressure, not heat. They are only marginally better than a quality stamped knife. This is why even Henckels and Wusthof have forged knives that are entry level priced.
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