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I cook on both my Traeger and UDS frequently. There are several differences on a Traeger, or any pellet cooker for that matter, that can change your cook dramatically.

First, the RTD that detects temperature in the grill is not really in a prime location, it is put in the location where it is least likely to get damaged. So the temperature you are actually cooking at can vary depending on your location of the hunk of meat in the grill.

Second, the temperature variance across the pellet grills tends to vary even more at higher temperatures, and you are cooking at a fairly high temperature for a long cook for this type of cooker. Rotating your meat around can help reduce this effect.

Third, the forced air flow from the fan reduces the cooking time due to more heat transfer, this is especially noticed on longer cooks like a brisket. So when you tell him it may take 8 hours on your UDS, it may only take 6.5 or 7 on the Traeger. If you don't keep an eye on it, it can burn easily.

My suggestion on the Traeger, from my experience, is to not cook hotter and faster like people do over other heat sources. It just doesn't seem to turn out as well. I cook at the 225 setting on my Traeger and it generally gets done about the same amount of time as cooking at 250 - 260 on my UDS's. Also, the pellet cookers produce more smoke at lower temperatures so I think doing this improves the taste.
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