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That's half of one, the bone is at the top of the picture. That flap of meat is where I was trying to cut thru the shoulder. I like the bark that develops with the brown sugar, I kept eating it as I was shredding and mixing up the meat for the sandowiches

We had a house fire last month, and every good knife I own is buried somewhere in 1 of the 4 mini storage units we have all our worldly goods in. Living at the daughters house, got my UDS, my boat, and fishing poles. My best knife right now is a Rapala filet knife LOL.

Thanks for help with the meat ID, its funny how here in Central Calif, we do lots of tri tips, but you have to ask for brisket. I see pork shoulder, but not Boston Butt. I thought it came from the back half of the big. I didn't think they would call it a butt, if it came of the front of a hog.
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