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Henckels make great knives, but they also have a variety of price levels, you can probably guess the difference why. Victorinox make great knives also, but dont cost as much. You can find a Victorinox or Forshner at any restaurant supply store, as well as Henckels too, and can compare the feel. Personally as a chef, I dont own a chef's knife. I have 2 Santokus and a chinese clever. Ask anybody in the business and carpal tunnel is very prevalent in kitchens, one of the reasons is improperly using a chef's knife because of its rocking motion. Most people dont use it properly and then get carpal tunnel. A Santoku doesnt use the rocking motion, rather a back and forth motion that causes less stress on the wrist and easier to pick up with out specific training and practice. I can do anything with my Santoku that I could with a chef's knife.
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