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somebody shut me the fark up.
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If you want to go cheap. I wouldn't get the set.
I'd buy these, they will cover most kitchen duties.
The little victorinox paring is used daily by me, peeling, deveining shrimp, coring, many uses, a nifty knife, even for tomatoes.

Cooks Illustrated, I'm not sure what the deal is .... I like and own Victorinox knives and have done so for decades, they are great bang for the buck.
They may even be better than some common higher end western knives, but comparing them to any of my good knives is just absurd.
Like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Audi RS8 or a Veyyron.

A ridiculous notion in every way .
I let friends drive the Pinto's.

Now, about boning knives, looks like you can buy one for around $20 from Victorinox.
Again, personal, but I adore the Japanese design for these tasks and would never use a western one again.
That will cost you tho.
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