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Default Knives, a confusing conundrum

So I've decided I want, no, need at least one knife that wants purchased at the same place you can get your oil changed, pick up a pair of cheap jeans, a new TV and groceries. Yeah, you all know where I'm talking about.

So, I set myself a $50 limit, did a LOT of reading here and other place and the Victorinox seems to be a leading contender, especially for the price. I attend art school and asked a few of the culinary students what knives they use and the consensus was that most use what ever they get in their "kit" and wait until they graduate before getting anything decent it also appears the kits have changed based on whatever is cheapest for the school to get.

For usage, I smoke mostly butts and ribs (spare, St. Louis and baby back) but I also like to prepare some of my meals with fresh peppers and onions so I'd like something that can also cut through the larger peppers with ease. As far as grilling, I do chicken, burgers, steaks, hot dogs, the general grilling items as well as corn and veggies.

Then, The other day I decided to stop by Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day since it was on my way Home from school. I went to their cutlery section to put my grubby paws on some. No Victorinox, but they did have Calphalon, Wüstof and J.A. Henckels. After Handling them, I quickly ruled the Calphalon out. I really like the Henckels and as I was explaining to the nice young man who worked there, he suggested a Santoku over the 8" chefs. I gotta admit that I like the way it felt in my hand.

So, if you're still with me, based on what I stated my intended uses are I have a couple of questions:
Would a Chefs be better than a Santoku for the kind of cutting I need to do?
Is the quality and longevity of the Henckles enough to justify the price difference in comparison to the Victorinox?
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