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Default LOOOOOONG Wet aging

Well, I found a brisket in the back of the cooler yesterday. It appears to have been "wet aging" for about 110 days. The thing is it seems to be good. The package had a good bit more juice in it than they usually do. It was not swelling and the juice colors looked pretty good but maybe a little darker than normal. I opened the package and no horrid stench came out. It is not slimey at all. I gave it rinse and it smells fine. Actually it smells better than some meats that I've bought that are "fresh". The texture is a little different than normal. It seems both a little firmer (maybe because of the more juices that have come out of the meat and into the package) and a little more flexible (being able to be easily bent even at refrigerator temps).

I think I'm Going to cook this bad boy up Sunday morning for a football lunch but I'm going to get another...just in case. From what I've found on here the longest anyone has reported wet aging for is 74 day. This seems like this might be OK and might even taste pretty good but might be too tender for slicing. I don't know. I'll keep you posted but does anyone have any input? I think I'm going to do these hot & fast in my brick pit. LOTS of black pepper like I normally do. That's how you cover up old meat flavor any way, right?
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