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Default Disposable Prep Boards

FREE SHIPPING to all customers in the Continental United States. All other customers please contact for a shipping quote.

Don't worry about finding a clean environment for preparing your food anymore because what we have for you is an FDA approved prep board that makes it easy peezy!

You simply put the board down, prepare your food, and toss it away. No Mess!!

These prep boards come in two different sizes designed to fit in small and large sheet pans.

Small Boards 16.25" X 11.25" (Designed to fit in a small sheet pan)
25 cnt = $22.99
50 cnt = $29.99

Large Boards 24" X 16.5" (Designed to fit in a large sheet pan)
25cnt = $29.99
50cnt = $41.99

These are prep boards NOT cutting boards so don't think you can chop up a pork butt with a cleaver without the possibility of going through. If I am going to be prepping a piece of meat that has a lot of juice or chopping up a pork butt I put the board in a sheet pan to protect my knife, keep the juices contained, and not take the chance to damage my counter.

Buy Here!

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