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Originally Posted by SmittyJonz View Post
With slanted 4 Rack Rib Rack what would be minimum spacing needed?
4"? 6"?
Let's assume a rack of spares is about 8 inches wide and 1-3/4 thick, you should be able to build a rack with 3" spacing (to make sure you have good circulation around the ribs) at about a 45 degree angle and get 4 racks on and 18" wide grate with 4 inch high clearance. The rib racks I've made have been simple 3/16-1/4 rod, bent & welded to a little flat stock for a base and just sit them on the cooking grate. If you were to fab them up so they were put in the racks in lieu of the grate you would have more room to adjust the angle and spacing to make sure you had good circulation. All that said, I see restaurants overlap ribs all the time; probably not good for the look of a comp rib but they still eat pretty good
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