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Originally Posted by jhuyser View Post
IM sure this has been asked before. What are my options, friends and acquaintances have asked me off and on to cook them some butts etc for functions. What is my liability? im not charging them, just charging them for the meat and cover my cost (charcoal etc) money making here.
Most (and probably all) States have laws/regs that cover prepared food for consumption by others regardless of whether you are paid (operating as a business) or not. To find out how you would be/are affected by these laws/regs you should check with your local Health Dept.

Your major legal exposure is foodborne illness law suits caused by improper prep/hold practices of potentially hazardous foods.

Cooking food for friends/acquaintances at your home is viewed totally different, by regulating authorities, from "supplying" potentially hazardous foods at other locations to be consumed by the "general public".

It all depends on what level of liability you wish to take on. Check with your HD. Then make your decision.
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