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Originally Posted by Wahoo95 View Post
My UDS is almost complete. All that's left is I need to spray the drum with some navy blue paint, however the weather hasn't been cooperating the last few weeks as its been too rainy or cold for painting. I decided to go ahead and hit it with some high heat primer to and go ahead and take it for a test burn. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this thing! Initially my temps shot up to almost 400 degrees while I was getting things sorted out and I had a hard time getting them to simmer down, however eventually it came down and settled in at 250deg after about an hour. Amazingly it held between 240-260 degrees for the next 13 hours! I only shut it down because I woke up to rainfall but it still had plenty of coal left to burn.

Thanks to all who've contributed so much info to this thread as I'm looking forward to many good cooks out of this new UDS!

My wife would kill me if I kept my drum in the bed room! looks good though.
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