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My official I don't know what I'm doing TD entry.

I really don't know what the TD is, I thought it was about marshmallows but apparently its not but I knew the potential for a fun entry was there.
I really wanted to do ribs but been there done that and I'd probably get a Dilly Bar which really isn't a bad thing and could be fun.
Then I saw a thread, several actually titled my ribs taste like Ham. I thought to myself hmmmm, I don't think I've ever made ribs that tasted like ham.
That's when it hit me, "Fark that hurts" I said.
So began my quest to make HammyBack Ribs.

It started with the basic brine from the book Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Polcyn it soaked for just short of 24 hours.

Then I soaked and rinsed them off and put on a rack in the fridge overnight to equalize. Before going on the smoker I studded it with some cloves, it is a ham after all.

I needed a glaze for these farkers so I used Deguerre's Ham glaze sans HDD, glazed and pineappled at 141*

The racks on the sides of the HammyBacks are insurance in case of a total fail so we don't starve.

I've never done any of this before and I was worried if the ribs were brine'd long enough, are they gonna be too salty or just plain nasty. I ended up with HammyBack Ribs!!!!

Total success!! Not too salty tasted like ham and was cured all the way through.

So then I thought "Fark!! now what", so I just sliced some off the bones.

Then it hit me again, this time I was ready for it and it didn't hurt as much as the first time. I thought hmmmm.... I've never poached an egg or made hollandaise sauce, I have however toasted an English muffin before.

Vote pic below please.

I was very pleased how it all turned out thanks for looking and more important thanks for putting up with my senseless dribble.
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