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This question for me reminds me how my dad used to tell me men shouldn't quilt or sew or like to craft like I did. That making my own Halloween costume wasn't manly. I was mocked for loving to cook by my dad. But I loved to cook and by the time i was 12 I did almost all the cooking for my family. when I went to a friends house they ordered pizza. My mom still hasn't progressed past boxed Mac n cheese and misses my from scratch cooking.

My 6 year old daughter loves the smell of BBQ and loves chewing fat fresh off anything smoked as it's her favorite part, she knows how to run the drum as well as I do she just isn't tall enough to get to the top without help, and I say to hell with anyone who thinks I'm teaching her to be manly

I find this article / video very appropriate to this discussion about something being "manly"
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