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Originally Posted by Diesel Dave View Post
Honestly, I think many times it's the way men can cook for their families and friends.

I'm in no way saying we can't cook indoors, but it seems more like a cultural thing.
Plus we all like playing with fire don't we?
did someone say fire?

I learned to cook back in high school. Dad had went back to college and had a long commute so we would be on our own for a week at a time. He always left us enough money to eat out on. After a few weeks of that, it got really old. I figured out it was cheaper to cook, and I could pocket some cash in the process so I learned to cook. a lot of inedible crap was made during that time.

my wife is a great cook in her own right, but I usually cook most nights. It is something I have always enjoyed, regardless of indoors or outdoors.

I cook a lot of BBQ, and usually end up giving a good portion to the neighbors or family. I really enjoy watching the joy on there face, and hearing the positive feedback on my cooking. BUT I also want to hear the bad as well, so I can improve my skills, or a recipe I am working on.

I have had several requests for catering, something that is beyond my ability and experience at the moment, but it does make me wonder if I could pull it off.
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